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Welcome to the feedback and support page for Cirris Systems. This is the place to let us know about any great ideas you have for us or our products. You can also use this site to contact support or browse our knowledge base to help solve problems or just learn new things. 

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Knowledge Base

  1. CH2 - Common Problems 

    1. CH2 testers not booting. Error #601, #617 and #620
    2. CH2 Verification Problem: #105 Script Reported an Error
    3. Failure while booting CH2
  2. Easy Touch - Common Problems 

    1. Value is not supported by the attached tester hardware
    2. Easy Touch Hardware Error While Using the Tester
    3. Fixing Easy Touch Startup Issues
    4. Re-image EasyTouch
  3. easy-wire  

    1. Easy-Wire Upgrade Suggestions
    2. Software Version History
    3. XHV Driver Installation
    4. Resolving Error: xTestSounds.TTestSounds.play_beep: easywire\Sound\open.wav not Found
    5. Resolving Error: Bad checksum when opening tests
  4. High Voltage (Hipot) Testing 

    1. High Voltage (Hipot) Testing
    2. Introduction to Hipot Testing
    3. AC Hipot Testing on CH2
    4. What is the Right Test Voltage?
    5. High Voltage Testing on Small Pitch Connectors
  5. How Do I? 

    1. Script Creation - Developing Custom Test Applications
    2. Digital I/O on the Touch 1, 1100R+, and 1100H+
    3. Customizing Your Test with Scripting
    4. Continuity Test Resistance Calculator
    5. How Much Wire is on the Spool?
  6. Information 

    1. Testing 101
    2. Cable Testing Basics - Where to Start
    3. Product Documentation
    4. Cable Testing Glossary
  7. Low Voltage (Continuity) Testing 

    1. Guidelines for Low Voltage Tests
    2. Will Low Voltage Testing Damage Components?
  8. Strategies 

    1. Bin Alarms, Another Strategy to Stop Shipment of Bad Cables
    2. Harness Board Fixturing Made Easy with easy-wire Components
    3. First Pass Yield 1
    4. Retrieving First-Pass-Yield Info
    5. First Pass Yield Survey
  9. Testing Failures 

    1. Causes of Bad Insulation
    2. Causes of Bad Connections
    3. Flux Can Cause Defects in Cables
    4. Insulation Failure
    5. Testing For Intermittents in Cable and Harness Assemblies
  10. Testing Guidelines 

    1. A-620 Cable Testing Standard
    2. A-620 Cable Testing - Revison Recommendations
    3. Twisted Pair Testing
    4. Terminating Testing Primer
    5. Temperature Coefficient of Copper
  11. All articles 

    1. A-620 Cable Testing Standard
    2. Guidelines for Low Voltage Tests
    3. High Voltage (Hipot) Testing
    4. Bin Alarms, Another Strategy to Stop Shipment of Bad Cables
    5. Causes of Bad Insulation
    115 articles 

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